Electrical jobs are one of those projects that homeowners cannot DIY. Handling things like wiring requires expertise only the professionals have. It’s very important to hire a good electrician for your home, as a bad could put your home or workplace at serious risk of fire. Here are several useful tips for hiring a good electrician in Australia:

They must be a Professional

It’s never a smart idea to hire a friend with some electrician skills to handle whatever is wrong in your house. The person tinkering away at your fuse box must be a professional electrician. That means the person is trained and licensed to carry out any electrician work. Experience is a good indicator as well. So, don’t hire just anyone for the job if you want it done right without causing a house fire.

Make Sure the Professional is Licensed

Electricians in Australia must be licensed under local jurisdictions to carry out any work. Therefore, the first thing you should check is whether the professional you intend to hire holds a valid license. You can check it online via ERAC or ask your municipal council how to check. Licenses are typically issued under the Department of Commerce. Keep in mind that electrician licenses differ from business licensed granted to companies that carry out such work. The individual electrician must be licensed, which is not the same as holding a business license.

Check Insurance

When you hire a professional, either individually or via a business that offers such services, they should come with the appropriate insurance in case of an accident. Insurance pays out if there is any damage to your property or the person carrying out the work. Without insurance, handling damage costs would simply be a nightmare. A professional and reliable service like Think Electrical Sydney would come with the proper insurance and license naturally.

Look Up Online Reviews

Most electrician companies have websites or listings where you can look up customer reviews provided by others. If you are unsure about the company, go check out these reviews. A good company would have more positive reviews than negative ones. If you can only see positive reviews, the company might be new. Read the negative reviews as well. Sometimes the negative points may not relate to your requirements anyway.

Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations

In addition to online reviews, you can ask people you know for recommendations and references. This options may be preferred because you would be getting information from trusted sources rather than anonymous people online. If you know a friend or a colleague you may have had electrical work done at home or office, ask them who handled the job. If the repairperson comes with glowing recommendations from one or two sources, then you can definitely think about hiring.

Get Rates Early On

Make sure you discuss the hourly rates or quotas for the project early on. You may get an estimate initially, but when it’s about time to start the job, ask specific rates regarding how much the whole thing may cost. Then you can compare prices and hire the most affordable and qualified person.
Use the above tips to hire an experienced and highly qualified electrician without overspending money. Make sure you research the person or the company before entrusting the project.

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